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Commercial site demonstrating large projects for concrete slab inspections and framing inspections.  Each image in the matrix magnifies when clicked upon.

Social media agency strong on marketing, direct response and
 online advertising. Site complete with blog and links to social 
  media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.    

Fishing guide site for bow fishing in Texas.  Award winning fisherman conduct guide fishing for folks interesting in
reel fishing and bow fishing.

A neighborhood association site with rotating images,
 a virtual walking tour and drop down menus.
 Requires frequent updating to keep the community
  informed and encourage participation. 

Customized mapping service that brings dry data to life.

Monthly newsletters, a membership
application and anonline meeting reservation
 form are all part of this not for profit website.


Greater Dallas Chapter

This home, structural and foundation inspection
site has a simple but clear theme with a form
for requesting an inspection.

A luxury custom home builder with properties
 to sellwith a gallery of home and available
homes listing page for interested home buyers. 

This site helps home owners understand potential
foundation problems with their homes and where
to get help from an independent engineer.

“Building it Right” is this client's approach   
 and the web site is easily navigated to help   
 potential homes buyers find their next home.  

A complete site make-over of this family owned business, Utah Imports is Salt Lake City, Utah's Independent Repair Specialists for Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo and Subaru Vehicles

A corporate site for this Plastics, Bonding, Decorating,
Finishing & Laser Marking company and their
dedicated to plastics laser marking.

Young entrepreneurs provided a great food service at local sporting events. Great example of a one page web site that provides all the necessary information. (no longer live) 

Golden Wings Enterprises is a site for purchasing
militaria items and a CD Rom Book. (no longer live)

This site uses frames for easy navigation to learn
all about a special fishing lure. (no longer live)


Bullet Light sells unique and hand-made fishing
lures through PayPal.  Check out the rotating banner
at the top for different products available. (no longer live)

Daugherty Place was a Bed & Breakfast where
you also bring your horse!  (no longer live)  

This shopping site was for unique products and services
 direct from the companies for excellent values. (no longer live)


This business to business (b2b) site helps advertisers with
 direct response marketing and online internet placement.


An art site for displaying stained glass
work by a local artist. (no longer live)

The Grandeur Access website was developed by a  
community group to save 14 acres and access trails.  
It was a complete success in raising $500,000.
(no longer live)   


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